Hello From The Founder

Hello! Welcome to the Escandar Group – your one-stop shop to organize, celebrate, and improve your events, business and personal life. I founded this concierge company because we can all use a little creativity and support once in a while. I’ve curated an amazing team of professionals so we can help get your events coordinated seamlessly, grow your business, and get your personal life organized… all within your wants, needs, timeline and, most importantly, your budget. Having a trusted, hand-picked team means we can easily work together to meet your exact needs with the right services, and not the other way around. The word concierge means “caretaker.” So, let the Escandar Group put our problem-solving and creative minds together to take care and create a customized package just for you

Why choose the Escandar Group?

Diversity & Talent  The Escandar Group prides itself in offering agency-level services and leveraging agency-level resources without the agency level price point. The Escandar Group team is comprised of professionals from all backgrounds allowing us to align and assemble on an "as needed" basis, based on the client needs and priorities. Our close-knit and talented team means that you won't need to shop for multiple vendors to meet your end goals. We create a consistent flow among each other saving  you and ultimately saving you money.

Continued Investment  By nature of the Escandar Group's business focus - a concierge company for businesses - your company aligns perfectly with the unwritten benefit of not only becoming a business that we help grow, but a business that we reinvest into our other ventures, especially into our event planning. By working on your business in depth, we also become invested and want to see your business continuously integrated into other opportunities. The Escandar Group is creating a network of companies that not only provides goods and services for customers and consumers but are able to partner with other companies.

The Escandar Group has already created a network with our allies and trusted partners. Please visit our Preferred Partners page for connections to people and vendors that extend beyond our immediate scope.

Clear Communication  The Escandar Group will be working with you independently and directly for the duration of your project with us. Every client is assigned a project manager or coordinator that you can communicate directly with giving you the ease of knowing who you can reach directly at any time. 

The "Give One More Meal" Initiative

For events we are hired for and where there is leftover food, the Escandar Group packs the leftovers and gives it to homeless people immediately after. Join us in the Give One More Meal initiative!

Share your efforts by tagging these hashtags: #giveonemore #nowaste