Branding & Décor: The Power of 3

Whether you are decorating in your home, designing an event or branding your business, always keep in mind the “Power of 3.” They key is to make sure your designs and messaging are consistent. Consistency can come in the form of a color, a theme, a logo, a font, etc. I can also be bold or it can be subtle.


In Your home

Decorating a space in your home? Make the space flow with a color or a pattern. Work with neutral colors and patterns and then add accent colors. Integrate your accents at least three times in the space to tie it all together. Don’t be afraid to play around with textures or do something bold either. It’s your space and it should also reflect your personality.


At Your Event

The same decorating principles apply for your event. How can you apply it to at least three places? Beyond colors, textures and patterns, your event may have a logo or monogram. Can you add a monogramed pillow as an accent to lounge chair for the reception? Or, perhaps you may have your company’s logo printed on the menu and cocktail napkins.


For Your Business

No doubt that branding is key for your business. Consistent and good branding improves your company’s recognition, especially with your clients and customers. Through this it also creates trust and value by showing that your business is put together and legitimate. Is your logo and messaging the same throughout your storefront, website, social media and business cards or marketing materials?


When you are creating, designing and branding always keep in mind the “Power of 3.” It’s a good rule of thumb to make sure you’re staying consistent and building value!