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Help the Tatas! Donate your bras for Janine's Birthday Month!

Janine is a friend of Escandar Group Events. For her birthday this year, she is collecting used bras.

The bra donation collection is currently running until July 13th. If you would like to donate bras, please contact us at so we can coordinate a pick-up/drop-off time and location.  

From Janine:

Since I can remember, I’ve struggled to find bras that fit. Either it was a turtleneck or I was spilling out of it, nothing seemed to work. It wasn’t until I found myself in a specialty shop in London - thanks, Bravissimo! - that I truly found a bra that fit and made me feel beautiful. I believe that bras are an important foundation to feeling confident in clothes and in my own skin.

With my birthday swiftly approaching, I am reflective and grateful. This year for my birthday, I will be donating bras I no longer wear or that no longer fit to Sarah’s Circle, a "non-profit organization with a mission of serving women who are homeless or in need of a safe space” since 1979. Several weeks ago, I started volunteering at Sarah’s Circle and have been struck by the strength and humanity of the women I get to interact with. Not every woman has the privilege to travel to London to get professionally fit or spend $60-120 on one bra, so I’d like to bridge some of the gap within the neighborhood I live and with the women who interact with Sarah’s Circle.

I ask that you join me in donating your gently used bras that you no longer wear. If you are not one to wear bras, I ask that you stop by a store and pick one (or two) up to donate…you can let them know you’re hoping to purchase one to donate! To help you pick a size, 34 DD is the most common bra size in the United States. If you are interested in this endeavor, post below and I will private message you more details about how to donate. Thank you so very much for your consideration and time. I am hoping to donate at least 54 bras, double my age. Won’t you help me?