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Venue or caterers that offer a "wedding coordinator" can be a great benefit and extra selling feature. We encourage you to make sure they tell you exactly what they will and won't help with. For example: Will they organize your rehearsal? Help you in to your dress? Keep you, your family and friends on task for photos, transportation and speeches? Will they get your wedding party up and down the aisle for your ceremony? Will they bustle your dress? Will they let you know when it is time to cut the cake? Will they find your father for your father+daughter dance? Will they calm the nerves of your best man before his speech?

Don’t get me wrong, caterers and venues coordinators play an important role, but they really focus on the production of the event more so than the timeline and being there for you, your family and friends. On they day of your wedding, they are preparing the room, tables and space, thus lighting candles and attending to the details. Once dinner begins, they really do not have the staff support as they need to focus on dinner service and clean up. A huge piece is that it’s outside of their role to prioritize the communication with other vendors. So without your own personal coordinator, this is often bothersome for the couple to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Escandar Group Events finds it very important their couples and their families be present in the moment and enjoy their day.

We refuse to have our clients, their family or their friends literally sweat on the day of the wedding. At first it may seem like a good idea to have a sister, mom, aunt or girlfriends help them manage all of the details on their day. While they can definitely help arrange appointments, read contracts and bustle your gown, they really should be present during your wedding day with you. They should be spending time enjoying the day and celebrating with you, not off setting up centerpieces, calling caterers or dropping off lunch. No pressure, just something to consider… we want your loved ones to feel your love for them on the wedding day - not breaking a sweat! When you attend a wedding is to celebrate or to work? It’s best to give the gift of celebration!

Ok, this is not to scare you one way or the other! Wedding coordinators exist because we need to. Beyond managing the event, we provide the stress relief and the professional and smooth day-of management and trouble shooting (should something sway from the original plan). Most importantly, we are there on our couple’s behalf FIRST. Your wedding day needs to be memorable and exciting for all the right reasons. Let us ensure that that happens!


Events can be exciting and fun. It can also be overwhelming and stressful. Good news, it doesn’t have to be! Some things to thinking about when you’re planning an event or wedding: Do you enjoying planning? Are you a good coordinator? How much time do you want to dedicate to the fine details of the event? Do you want to be completely hands on or hands off? When the event is taking place do you want to enjoy it? Overall, the best way to host an event is to understand your strengths, the time you can commit, and, most importantly, your desire to do so. Here are some guidelines to help you determine what is best for you:

Event & Wedding Planners
Full-service event and wedding planners will take care of everything. Whether you want to be hands off, don’t have the time, or are looking for more creativity and support, hiring a planner is your best option. They will oversee from start to finish every detail. If you want to be hands off this is the best option for you. However, this does not mean you won’t be involved. A planner with still work closely with you to make sure your vision and dream for your event or wedding comes true. They will put your thoughts into action and turn it into a reality. As always, your planner will work with you to work within your budget to take care of all the nitty-gritty details like catering, entertainment, rentals, etc. This option is best for you to sit back and “enjoy YOUR show” with your guests.

Event & Wedding Coordinators
Event and wedding coordinators will help you execute everything that has been planned for your event. This option is best if you are a good planner, have the time to plan, are creative, and enjoy getting into all the details. Not to be underestimated, coordinators still hold all the knowledge that a planner has. Even if you will be working out all the details, the sooner you hire a coordinator the better! They can help point you in the right direction to help keep you within budget and on track. They can also help find you the best value for the services and items you need for your event with their network of trusted vendors. They also provide a great set of eyes to help you review your details, timeline and contracts. As your event nears, your coordinator will step in to make sure everything runs smoothly. You’ve already done all the heavy lifting, so take a step back and enjoy your special day!


Here’s the long and the short of it. They are all the same! We are called “Day-of” coordinators because we run the show the day-of and are lead point person, there representing the couple. “Month-of” comes from the term that some Day-of coordinators only start working with their couples 4-8 weeks prior to their wedding. This is typical and acceptable because the couple does most of the planning for the wedding and are the folks who have been in touch with all the vendors prior. (See above for the difference between a coordinator and a planner!)

We’d like to note that, here at Escandar Group Events, we start working with our clients as soon as they contract us. This means we don’t wait to help figure things out 4-8 weeks prior to your wedding. We start working with you immediately. We provide you with a planning guide and guide you through the planning process. We find that this allows our couples to experience a smoother planning process by having us as a resource to bounce questions off of, provide expectations about vendors and costs, as well as recommend the right vendors based on your hopes for your wedding. We are also there to provide support with family influence and provide you with quality alternatives to products or services that maybe outside of your budget. Pro tip: Check out our Preferred Partners page!


Relax: Save & Enjoy Your Time
There are details you don't need to be bothered with. Letting your event planner oversee all the details means that s/he will know all the ins and outs for your event. Don't worry, s/he is on your team and will be able to balance your needs in the planning process. This way you can focus on other, more important things. Let your event planner take care of the details to make your vision come to life.

Professional Network: Your Own Negotiator
So spending more money to pay another vendor, the event planner, is supposed to save you money? This is a fair question and the answer is YES. You'd think because you have to pay the event planner that more money is going out the door. However, the opposite is true. Your event planner knows your budget and can work with other vendors to secure the best value and prices. Your event planner has established relationships with other vendors. You’ll not only save money, you’ll also gain satisfaction. Your event planner can recommend vendors s/he have worked with, trust or think would be a good solution to your event need(s). Similar to saving you money, your event planner’s relationships will help ensure that you get the best value for the dollars you spend.

Creativity: The Big Picture to the Little Details
As the client, the planner will always bounce ideas and offer sound advice to make sure her/his planning is meeting your expectations. Your planner is not only an extraordinary coordinator, s/he is also great at being creative with the resources you’ve chosen. Your planner will be able to take the details and piece them together in ways you couldn’t have imagined. They can do this with vendors too. Your event planner is the glue between your vendors and if you have a special request, s/he will know how to coordinate with the vendors to make it happen. You can always choose how much or how little you'd like to be a part of the decision making, but leave it to your event planner to bring together all the details.

Party On: It’s Your Investment
You hire an event planner to ensure that the experience you and your guests have is the greatest it could be. Your investment is not only based on how much it costs, but how you and your guests feel afterwards. A good event planner will make you forget about the details and make sure you enjoy your time by remembering the taste of the food and the smiles from your happy guests.


(Info coming soon - stay tuned!)