Fundraising Events







With a unique experience and financial goal in mind, Escandar Group Events will not only plan your event but execute a fundraising strategy. As part of this plan, EG Events recognizes that fundraisers are a great way for organizations to reach out to donors and work together to create a culture of charitable giving and engagement with their community. EG Events has the creative vision and expertise to turn your vision into a cohesive and experiential reality. EG Events would be responsible for ensuring smooth logistics and programming for the event. Most importantly, we would support the organization’s team in reaching fundraising benchmarks and goals.

Marketing and branding your event is key. Marketing and branding your event properly and intentionally is just as important as coordinating the details. We can plan the best event, but are you doing what it takes to get the right guests to your event? Don’t miss the opportunity to brand your event correctly and consistently and be sure you are targeting and inviting the right guests. Marketing and branding your event can be a huge undertaking. Let us support you and enhance your event. A detailed list of marketing and branding options can be found on our Event Menu.