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Escandar Group Events is consistently rated 5/5 stars!

Is an “its already been handled” type of worker. She has a knack of taking comprehensive problems, breaking them down and solving them in an accurate and efficient fashion. I recognized this ability as she was planning our first ever soiree!
— Marvin M.
One word: exquisite. Competent, reliable. Creates events that enthuse the guests - always in good company and lots of laughter.
— Jo W.
I’m so grateful for the Escandar Group! She did such a phenomenal job! She was not only super fun to work with, but was very attentive to our needs and delivered the most amazing event! She truly went above and beyond to provide us the best experience. She is organized, professional, extremely creative, and will literally make the most from the budget you give her. She was there for us pre-event, during the event, and post-event. I would hire the Escandar Group again in a heart beat!
— Cecilia M.
Working with Emmanuelle has been nothing short of lifesaving. While we both own our own event planning companies, I do mot have the level of experience in corporate and fundraising based events as she does. I have hired her to specifically work with me (partner) on events that I knew she had a strong foundation in. It is always smart to surround yourself with people who excel in areas that is not your wheelhouse. I would recommend Emmanuelle and the Escandar Group to work on any corporate or fundraiser event! Emmanuelle and her team will always impress. I have never been disappointed in working with her.
— Ashley R.
Escandar Group made planning my father’s surprise birthday party simply and successful. I was getting way too stressed out trying to find a venue and plan the party so I hired Escandar Group to all the legwork and it was fantastic. It was also nice to have someone, which allowed me to focus on spending time with my father and enjoying the party.
— Christine S.
From the pre-wedding conversations and planning, to the rehearsal, to the ceremony, to the reception, Escandar Group provided exceptionally professional services that were well thought out, organized, and perfectly delivered. ... I have received so many compliments on how smooth the wedding went and I have Escandar Group to thank for that!
— Kyla B.
Our wedding went off without a hitch and it’s in no small part because of their work. They are sticklers for attention to detail and they make sure your day goes according to plan. They are worth every damn penny. Our wedding was in Seattle and the Arctic Club Hotel. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. Top notch!
— Matt M.
Just wanted to thank you and let you know it was a pleasure working with you during our photo shoot for Juicy Luzy Sangria. Everyone was so pleasant and professional. Looking forward to working with you again.
— Luz C.
I worked with Emmanuelle to plan our office networking holiday party. Not only was the party a smashing success, Emmanuelle took all of the stress out of planning and hosting, so our office could focus on doing work during the planning process and on enjoying socializing with our guests during the party. The details were perfect!
— Kelly B.
I could not speak higher of Escandar Group. A week from our big day, we realized many plans were either unraveling, falling through the cracks, or simply not getting done. Escandar Group came in at the 11th hour to basically plan an entire wedding. …Emmanuelle helped us make some key decisions, and once those decisions were made, the team just ran with it. Took all the pressure off of us so we could enjoy the day. Escandar Group, honestly went above and beyond to make sure our wedding was the best day ever…and they succeeded! So grateful to have had this team on our side. Our wedding day would not have been what it was, without their support.
— Eleni P.
With her guidance and creative problem-solving, we were able to produce more robust deliverables while having fun. I look forward to working with her again.
— Nick R.
Emmanuelle was amazing to work with and I highly recommend her planning and coordiation expertise for your next event… She is highly organized and efficient, and was always thinking of creative ways to get a task done. She also is just very nice and easy to work with, and you cam tell she genuinely cares about her clients… I loved how I didn’t have to worry about anything or even know what time it was, as she executed the schedule flawlessly and worked with all the vendors to make sure we were happy.
— Mary D.